Northwest Gift

Making unique affordable gifts for the inland northwest and keepsakes for adventurous Travelers 

Why Choose Us?

Our products are made in Northern Idaho, from our home studio nestled in the foot hills of the bitterroot mountains. Our family works together to create one of a kind patinas that are applied by hand to each magnet or bottle opener. We believe that providing a beautiful, but simple gift allows other to express their appreciation with a gift that is both affordable and functional.  We have a growing assortment of styles, and are always experimenting with new finishes (patinas).  We are extremely thankful for your support... 

About Us

Jeff May

Artist / Owner

Jeff has been a working artist for the past 21 years. You can check out his primary site a 

    I started "Northwest Gift" as subsidiary so that my family could get involved and learn ways to express their own creativity and develop their work ethics. We work together in the studio on a daily basis to bring you gifts that you can purchase both for yourself, and for re-gifting to others as a means of saying thank you.